Asked by Dhiraj Kumar Sah

on 14/8/21

Sir, i had habit of chewing tobacco and gutkha . I consumed it for about 1 year. Few months (about 4 months) ago i observed black spots/lesions in left bucal mucosa. I consulted with dentist and he gave me some antioxidants and vitamin tablets. I am taking these medicine from 3 months and i am not satisfied with it sir. What should i do sir??

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Dr. Gyanendra k Yadav

ENT & HEAD and NECK SURGERY, 11 Years of practice

stoping tobacco chewing and gutkha is the best first line management of this type of problem. most of cases reverse automatically but take time. If there are only spot then wait and watch under close observation but if you have a big lesion then plz sent me lesion photo

Answered on 15/8/21

Dear user, if you would like to consult online with a doctor regarding this, kindly go through the link below,

Answered on 15/8/21
Dr. Purushottam Adhikari

Medical Officer, 2 Years of practice

Need to see the it clearly and can say only after the examination. Consult with the dentist again.You can send the photos and have online consult via this app too.

Answered on 14/8/21

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