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1 month ago

I am a Nurse . Currently , left job due to extreme stress and anxiety issues. Its been few months I have started having excessive mood swings, even when I am not in my periods days. I had psychologist consultation, someone close to me. But, it didnt helped me at all. Instead, her words were more disturbing and manipulating than getting a treatment advice. I have been having sleepless nights,anger,guilts , heavy feeling inside head, stiffs body and pains if i stay longer than 10 mins in same position, my mood swings have been excessive than before. Its been progressive since lockdown . Started 3 months ago. i am desensitizing my mood these days. But its been more progressive. Should I seek medical help or psychologist help?

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get help from psychiatrist👍

Answered 1 month ago
Dr. Sumedha Paudel

Medical officer, 1 Years of practice

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Please seek for psychiatrist consultation first. You may need the medicine and psychological counseling side by side. You can have online consultation via this app too with the psychiatrist.

Answered 1 month ago

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