Asked by Avlin

on 20/7/22

It's been more than 4 Year I have been suffering from an anonymous disease. It feels like something is moving inside my brain. My vision is blurry and my all senses has slowed down. I cannot focus and concentrate properly. I forget stuffs faster than others. Everytime I sleep a jelly like liquid comes out from my nose. And thick saliva in my throat. My spine pains all the time. I am totally unaware of what I speak, what I do, and even what I think. I have problems in interacting with people. My voice gets sullurd. Whenever I try to learn something I stuck in imagination. There is a pain in the lateral sides of my brain it fells something is hitting me from inside. Most of my memories are wiped out. I don't know what had happened me. But it all started when I hit my head, nose and upper teeth in a piller and fall in dirty water lake. I am not who I am. Not creative, logical as previous. People don't listen to me. I was topper of my school since grade 8. But now I hardly understand any concept and if I did I forget it within hours. I forget simple formulas and rules. Please help me. I beg. Please anyone there.

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