Asked by @@jnn

on 23/2/22

namaskar ..mero neckpain hunxa back head ma burning pole jsto hunxa ani diziness ear taliye jsto karauxa kei garna mann nalagne hair ko root ma dukhejsto hunxa agadi face ma ni pain vaejsto hunxa kun condition devlop huda yesto hunxa

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Dr. Manish Shrestha

ORTHOPAEDICS, 12 Years of practice

Namaste! I would suggest you to get Cervical x-rays (if needed Brain images) after consulting a Neurologist. As an orthopaedician i have seen many of such cases could have been TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. GET A GOOD CONSULTATION AND EVALUATION FIRST. Regards Dr. Manish Shrestha

Answered on 26/2/22

rule out any pathology from a physician... if every thing(reports)comes normal.. please meet a psychiatrist once

Answered on 25/2/22

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