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plz. advice about this mri report Findings: 1. There is a well defined lesion measuring 7x5 mm in posterolateral wall of left maxillary sinus, showing T1 hypointensity and T2/FLAIR hyperintensity - Mucus retention cyst. 2. Mucosal thickening is noted at bilateral maxillary sinus, bilateral ethmoidal air cells and left frontal - Sinusitis. 3.Sella turcica is filled with CSF compressing the pituitary gland at its floor Partial empty sella. 4. There are multiple scattered foci of CSF signal intensity in bilateral basal ganglia-Virchow Robin spaces.

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Dr. Sumedha Paudel

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There is compression on pituitary and sinusitis. Have consult with the neurosurgeon and ENT surgeon.

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Dear user, kindly go through the link below to consult online with the doctor,

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