When will Coronavirus end?  

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This entire globe is in lockdown; every individual are locked in their house, few are in government quarantine to confine the pandemic of COVID-19, to prevent it from spreading and to flatten the curve so that our existing health care system can fight effectively with Coronavirus.

Here the question pops up in every intellect that when will corona virus end and when will everything will be set back to normal? We will try to get through this question but before knowing when; we should look through how corona virus will end?

How Coronavirus will end?

There are essentially three ways to get out of this Coronavirus:


As of now, The good news is many country has started their vaccination trial but the bad one is vaccination trial involves four stages which will take 12-15 months & expected to develop vaccine by 2021 which is not a reliable way to get out of it soon. As of Prof. Woolhouse told the BBC “Waiting for a vaccine should not be honoured with the name ‘strategy’ that is not a strategy” which holds true.

Enough people develop immunity through infection

The people who get infection of Coronavirus develop immunity against it but the people who have chronic disease and some immune disorder may get critically ill before getting immunity against it. So they die of the severe acute respiratory syndrome and penumonia. So, we can’t wait for the enough people to get immunity through infection and also it will take about 2 years for the enough to get immunity against the infection.

Rapid testing, contact tracing and isolating the infected individual

Rapid testing, contact tracing and isloating the infected individual is the better way to get out of it which was earlier done by Vietnam and south Korea which shows the highest success rate but for the developing country like Nepal, India, Pakistan; due to shortage of testing kits, personal protective equipment, it became unsuccessful to make wide spread testing.

There is another fourth option changing our behavior that allows us to keep transmission rate low like as making the senior citizen to stay indoor as they are highly effected group, wearing mask, use of sanitizer, etc. but that is also not the permanent solution for confining the infection.

Now lets look at our initial question when will Coronavirus end ?

Vaccination only seems to be the final solution but it is one year far. So, we have to be in lockdown for one year? No, Lockdown will not go so long, if we do rapid testing, contact tracing & quarantining the infected one, the lockdown could end in one month as incubation period of virus is about 14 days & one month provide enough time to test & isolate. But to eradicate this strain of Corona virus, vaccination is compulsory which is about one year far.

So the researchers and scientist have said that the complete eradication of this will take at least take a year and we can expect it to be ended by early of 2021. Don't panic but stay safe.

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