Intercourse during this period will not make you conceive baby  

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There area various methods of family planning practiced worldwide for prevention of the conception by the couples. Here we will discuss about familiy planning as a whole and a special method of family planning where intercourse in a particular time period will not let you conceive baby.

Why you should do family planning?

  • To reduce population growth, so as to ensure a better standard of living.
  • Economic & social point of view: birth spacing & small family norm improves health of mother & their children so healthier society emerges.
  • Reduce maternal & infant mortality rates.
  • Prevent early, too frequent & too many pregnancies.

What are the methdos of family planning?

The term contraception includes all measures, temporary or permanent, designed to prevent pregnancy as a result of coital act. Universally accepted method has not been discovered yet. Ideal contraceptive methods should fulfil following criterias:

  • Widely accepted & inexpensive
  • Simple to use & safe
  • Highly effective
  • Requiring minimal motivation, maintenance & supervision

The various methods of family planning commonly used are:

1. Temporary

  • Barrier methods
  • Natural contraception
  • Intrauterine contraceptive devices( IUCDs)
  • Steroidal Contraception

2. Permanent

  • Female: Tubal ligation
  • Male: Vasectomy

What is calander method/rhythm method or safe period of family planning?

It is is a natural form of family planning method. The method is based on the fact that ovulation occurs from 12-16 days before the onset of menstruation. Menstrual history is tracked to predict ovulation. This helps to determine the when you are likely conceive and which days to avoid unprotected coitus to avoid pregnancy.
Careful recording and persistence is required for using rhythm method. Avoidance of unprotected coitus or use of any barrier method of contraception during fertile days each month.

The shortest cycle minus 18 days gives first day of the fertile period. The longest cycle minus 10 days gives last day of fertile period. Where such calculation are not possible, avoidance of coitus from 8th to 22nd day of menstrual cycle, counting from first day of menstrual period is advised.

In simple words, one week after and one week ahead of menstruation is considered to be safe.

How can you make good use of calender method?

All women can use calendar methods but some conditions may reduce its efficacy. To ensure correct use of the method counseling may be required. Caution should be taken if the menstrual cycle is irregular.

  • Keep the tract of days of menstrual cycle by counting the first day of monthly bleeding as day 1. 
  • Avoidance of unprotected coitus on days 8-19(Fertile days)
  • Couple should avoid coitus or use barrier method during 8th to 19th days.
  • Couple can have unprotected coitus on all other days i.e. Day 1 to 7 at the beginning of cycle & from day 20 until next menstrual period starts.

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Is calendar method completely safe?

Like other methods of family planning it also has some merits and demerits.


  • It is safe.
  • It requires no medication.
  • It produces no side effects.
  • All women can use calendar method.

Demerits/Drawbacks are:

  • If the menstrual cycle is irregular, it is difficult to predict safe period.
  • It can be used by educated & responsible couples with high degree of motivation & cooperation.
  • Not applicable during postnatal period.
  • Failure rate are due to incorrect calculations, irregular use & inability to follow calculations.
  • May cause ectopic pregnancies & embryonic abnormalities.

When to see doctor? 

A visit to doctor is recommended to have an appropriate counseling on birth control methods and choosing accordingly. 

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