How to look younger? Follow this simple natural tips!  

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In the world of facebook and instagram, everyone wants to keep updating their profile. So, its everyone's wish to look good & younger.

Can ageing be slowed down?

Ageing is a natural phenomena. As we get older the ages, our skin gets wrinkeld, there occurs dark circles around the eyes we bent up and become curved and so on. There are complex physiologic mechanisms going over the body for all these things. Though this process is inevetiable as it is natural, we can follow different practices to slow down the process. In other words, we can't be young by age foreever but can delay the process for looking old.

What are the methods to be followed ?

There are not hard and fast methods and it may differ according to the different people. In general you may follow these practices to look younger and healthy for long time: 

1. Wash your face before you go to sleep: Neglecting to cleanse your skin leads to a buildup of oil and dirt, which ultimately causes breakouts & even bacterial infection, so cleaning skin on regularly basis help you look younger.

2. Get enough sleep: Skin repairs itself while you sleep, so not getting at least eight hours can lead to a sallow, dull complexion. That alone will make you look much older than you are, not to mention the dark circles that’ll come with it.

3, Don’t drink too much coffee to make up for the sleep you didn’t get: The caffeine in the coffee is dehydrating and if you drink too many cups a day too often, your skin will go from plump and dewy to dry and dull. 

4. Avoid too much alcoholic drinks: Alcohol  causes dehydration of skin as well alter the different physiologic mechanisms of the body. So, make sure to drink enough water to keep hydrated after drinks.

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5. Avoid using recreational drugs: Drugs aren’t good for you health-wise, which you already know, but one of the ways they can manifest is on your skin. Avoiding drugs can keep you look younger.

6. Avoid smoking: Smoke can trigger premature aging to occur, which causes the collagen and elastin to break down, leaving your skin saggy. So, you must avoid smoke as possible

7. Do regular physical exercise: Exercising not only gives your skin a gorgeous glow immediately, it also keep stress levels down which help shed dead skin cells, boost your mood.

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8. Drink enough water: As mentioned earlier, keeping yourself hydrated is important to look younger. So, do drinking enough water helps you look younger.

9. Avoid too much sugar: Everyone has a sweet tooth, but consuming too much candy can cause glycation, which is when excess sugar breakdown collagen and cause sagging over time. So, sugary product should be avoided instead organic dried fruit should be consumed.

10. Avoid heavy makeup: Piling on the makeup doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and can clog your pores, resulting in acne. Every few days, go lighter on your application or give your skin a break.

11. Use headphones for longer talk: Holding your phone against your cheek can lead to breakouts and rashes along the jawline. Make sure to clean your screen daily or prefer headphone

12. Use sunscreen: when going outside in sunlight you must apply sunscreen to protect your skin from getting damaged by the sunlight. I think it is one of the important tip you should start early

13. Use anti-aging products: You might think you should not use anti-aging product, but these foundation of youth, peptide and vitamin-A packed products are what will keep you looking thirty something when you are actually in mid 40s. You can consult skin doctor for the appropriate creams that suits to your skin.

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