ए भि फ़िस्टूलाको समस्यामा गरिने एन्जीयोप्लास्टी सर्जरी के हो? (Angiography/ Angioplasty for failed AV fistula)  

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ए भि फ़िस्टूलाको समस्यामा गरिने अनजीयोप्लास्टी सर्जरी को बारेमा यो लेखमा केहि जानकारी दिने कोशिस गर्दैछु!

Angiography/ Angioplasty are recent minimal invasive surgical treatment for failed AV fistula which can potentially make the failed Arterio Venous Fistula work again in selected case. It is commonly done in cases where there is stenosis (and not complete occlusion) in some part of the AV fistula which can be from the anastomosis or the superficial vein part or the central vein part. In this procedure (usually done in local anesthesia or blocks) a guidewire is inserted into the desired segment along with J wire (through the sheath) and selected region is dilated with/without stenting. In selected case this will make fistula function again. Before and after the procedure, doppler ultrasonography is also done to know the changes.


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