Asked by bijaya kc

on 12/12/20

मलाई uric acid को समस्या छ।पाच दिन देखि fabstat र indomethasin 25 लिदै छु तर कम भएन।के गर्ने होला?

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Dr. Shirish Prasad Amatya

Pain Specialist , 15 Years of practice

please check Serum Uric Acid Level. Afer few days of indomethacine ,pain and swelling subsides. Then continue febuxostate.

Answered on 16/12/20

Consult your treating physician/orthopedic surgeon. One thing that can be done is increasing the dose of Indomethacin or switching to next NSAIDs. Have a diet restriction too.

Answered on 14/12/20

Namaste! Kripaya tala diyiyeko link ma clcik gari doctor sanga online paramarsha linu hola;

Answered on 13/12/20

You can also contact us on 9801887073 or 014102891 for more information.

Answered on 13/12/20

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