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3 months ago

wrist pain alternating between both wrists, lower back pain, knee pains resembling bruising above the knees and sometimes bruise like pain in the thighs and sharp hip pain all the way to the foot (like a pulled string feeling) - most are often after overuse (phone, walking, sleeping wrong). They don’t always happen at once but sometimes all together. Other discomforts involve stabbing pain inside the foot from under when walking for too long, finger joint pains usually worse the second day after overuse and shoulder and elbow pains after sleeping slightly wrong or overuse. Occasional Tingling/numbness in fingers (I can’t feel my fingers for a few seconds sometimes) and most often stiffness in finger joints occur in the mornings. Occasionally, affected areas exhibit slight redness and warmth. Recently I’ve found that stretching the pained areas helps a lot. General tiredness persists. These symptoms have persisted for nearly a year, fluctuating in severity. There haven't been any major accidents. Tests * anti ds dna is negative * HLA-B27 is negative * Ana is positive — * RF factor negative. * Knee X-Ray shows some cartilage thinning * MRI done: report says Signal loss due to degeneration was observed in the L4-5 disc * vitamin d3 at 28

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