Asked by anmol thapa

on 28/8/20

my mom is been sick since 3 months. during her visit to patan hospital, after several tests they concluded it as Rheumatology(bath). they did provide several medication as well but still nothing seems to work. where shall I take her hospital/doctors for better result ? The hospital denied to provide the all the test results as well ? is this a normal practice of patan hospital to keep all the results as their record ?

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Yeah, some hospitals have their system of reports to be kept by themselves. May be its their system! Rheumatic disease is a chronic disease and needs the medicines for the long time, if one doesnot works it needs to be changed and patient needs to be on follow up! What is the symptoms now? If you want online consult with the rheumatologist doctor online please visit this link:

Answered on 28/8/20

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