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cystic acne vako cha k garum?

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Dr. Vikash Paudel, MD

Dermatology and Venereology (Institute of Medicine), Aesthetician , 10 Years of practice

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If you are implying nodulocystic acne i.e Grade 4 acne, it needs meticulous treatment and before starting treated there are some test that need to be performed. Generally we use isotretinoin in Grade 4 acne but dose duration adverse effects and drug interactions must be adressed before starting. Please visit a dermatologist in person for the treatment. Thanks

Answered 11 months ago
HD Medical Team

एकपटक फोटो हेर्नापाए कस्तो के रैछ थाह हुन्थ्यो! फोटोसहित छाला रोगको डाक्टरसंग अनलाइनमा परामर्श लिएर आफ्नो समस्या राख्न यो लिंकमा जानुहोला;

Answered 11 months ago

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