Asked by Anonymous User ,38 years

on 24/4/20

I am 33 years old Male. My left arm is paining while moving the left hand and back since 4 days.Please, may I get suggestions and solution?

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नसाको कारणले पनि त्यस्तो हुनसक्छा! अस्पताल खुलेपछि एकपटक गएर विस्तृतमा जाच गराउनुहोला: ऐले हाडजोर्नी तथा नास रोग विशेसग्य संग थप परामर्श लिन यो लिंकमा जानुहोला

Answered on 26/4/20

Dubai hatma pani kunai kunai bela current ko jasto jhamjhamaux

Answered on 25/4/20

Is there any history of trauma or injury? If there was any trauma and the pain is serious need to do X ray and examined! If not you can apply DFO ointment two times a day for 1 week over the area!

Answered on 25/4/20

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