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on 29/3/20

सर नमस्कार, मुुटु रोग ले ग्रसीत मेरो बुबा को खकार मा वल्ड आएको आज दई दिन भयो.. यो के कारण ले होला?

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Dr. Anand Prajapati

General Physician

some patient with underlying heart disease such as congestive heart failure may have blood stained cough. shortness of breath, swelling of abdomen or lower legs are other usual signs. as it is serious condition, please take him to hospital nearby for evaluation and confirmation of cause as well as for proper treatment. good luck

Answered on 29/3/20
Dr. Purushottam Adhikari

Psychiatry, 2 Years of practice

If the bleeding amount is more and having difficulty in breathing and if you think he is serious than earlier, please take him to the emergency of nearby hospital as soon as possible. Need to examine, do investigations and may need the medicines and further management in hospital setup. Thanks

Answered on 29/3/20

aldace 20 cardivas 3.125 q-pil 1.75 urimax 0.4 lasix 20

Answered on 29/3/20

echo report final impressions: global lv wall hypokinesia , lv systolic dysfunction(lvef=15.0% ) , severe MR , mild to moderate AR, Moderate TR with Mild PAH(Estimated PASP:35+10=45.0mmHg)

Answered on 29/3/20

what are the medicine he is taking

Answered on 29/3/20
Dr. Yagya Raj Pokharel

Emergency Medicine & GP

मुटु रोग कस्तो हो? अलि डिटेल दिनुस! कहाँ हो तपाईं?

Answered on 29/3/20

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