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Respected Dr me DN CHAUHAN Age 25 years non alcoholic person but in my liver there is some health issue S.P.O.T AND S.G.O.T are high .in my gall bladder there is stone with 17-20 mm so how can i touch and connect with heptologist??

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Mr. Abhishek Regmi

Emergency medicine

. Elevated levels of S.P.O.T (possibly a typo, as it's not a standard medical term) and S.G.O.T (also known as AST) can indicate liver damage or disease. Additionally, having gallstones in your gallbladder can cause discomfort and complications. Given your situation, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional, preferably a hepatologist or a gastroenterologist, for a thorough evaluation and appropriate medical advice. They may recommend further tests, such as imaging studies or blood tests, to understand the extent of the liver issue and gallstone problem. Prompt medical attention and appropriate treatment are essential to manage and address these health concerns effectively. Please reach out to a healthcare professional for a detailed assessment and personalized advice based on your medical history and current condition. It's important to consult a medical professional for personalized guidance. To reach a hepatologist: 1. **Ask your primary care physician (PCP):** Request a referral to a hepatologist from your current doctor. They can provide recommendations and guide you through the process. 2. **Contact your insurance provider:** Reach out to your health insurance provider to inquire about in-network hepatologists and the necessary steps for scheduling an appointment. 3. **Research online:** Look for hepatologists in your area through online directories, hospital websites, or medical associations. You can find reviews and ratings to help you choose. 4. **Call local hospitals or clinics:** Contact local medical facilities and inquire about hepatology departments or specialists. They may be able to assist you in scheduling an appointment. 5. **Request a second opinion:** If you have a gastroenterologist, you can request them to refer you to a hepatologist for a second opinion regarding your liver and gallbladder issues. Always remember to share your medical history and current condition in detail with the hepatologist for the best possible guidance and treatment plan.

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