Asked by Aleksandra Gatarić

on 4/4/22

my Dad, 66 years old smoker, had covid 3 months ago, during that period he was coughing really a lot and cough stopped after antibiotiotics he's got for covid. x ray showed "enlarged hilum" and doctor said he has starting pneumonia. after 2 weeks he did another x ray which showed also enlarged hilum. after that he went to another doctor where he did another x ray (2 weeks ago), which showed "enlarged heart shadow. no parenchymal lesions seen. right hilum more voluminous" and he ordered sputum cytology which came back as normal. He will have a ct scan in a month but we are really worried about this hilum. important to mention is, he had 3-4 catheter heart ablations for permanent atrial fibrillation he had for a couple of years that was horrible (up to 150 beats per minute for a long time). he takes anticoagulants and blood pressure medicine for a long time. When it comes to symptoms he has no any, except for coughing for a few seconds 2-3 times a day(I'm all the time by him). That dry cough always happens when he wakes up, and then again during -after meal, rarely in between, maybe once in a few days when he comes from the outside where he works. He is snoring all his life and all his life he has weird snoring (I think is sleep apnea, where he stops breathing), is overweight as well. I'm really worried about this right hilum being more prominent. what do you think, what are the chances it's not a lung cancer?

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Dr. Sumedha Paudel

Medical officer, 2 Years of practice

The exact diagnosis could be made after CT is done, but less likely to be lung cancer. Can wait till then. continue the supportive treatment and visit to hospital if any emergency.

Answered on 6/4/22

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