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Hello doctor, My mother INR value of 1.5 month ko yesto cha... Magh 11th INR value 1.88, Test-21.4sec ( warf 5mg khairaknu vako cha ) Magh 28th INR value: 3.35, Test-36.5 sec (warf 6mg started) Today Falgun 13th INR value is 2.99, Test-32.8sec (6mg nai khairaknu vako cha) Mero concern chai k ho vane 2weeks agi inr value 3.35 theo 6mg warf khairaknu vako theo aja 2weeks pachi check garda its 2.99 cha warf 6mg nai khairaknu vako cha INR value ta badnu parne haina jhan ghatyo ta same dose ko warf dida ne..test ma problem ho ki yestai huncha? so aba kati mg ko warf dida huncha plz? And aja ko report ma test 32.8 sec cha is it normal? Thanku.

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