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on 25/12/21

Hi, for androgenetic alopecia my dermatologist prescribed me minoxidil orally in a concentration of 1.5 mg every day. This therapy was chosen because I wanted to avoid products like finasteride which can cause sexual problems. I'm 22, I don't smoke, I'm normal weight. My questions are three: 1) Can minoxidil 1.50mg per day orally cause sexual problems? 2) can it give other types of problems? I know it's a vasodilator but I don't know if 1.5mg can cause problems. 3) In case of problems, would it be enough to stop the drug or can it cause permanent damage? A thousand thanks

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Dear user, if you would like to consult online with the doctor, please go through the link below,

Answered on 26/12/21

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