Asked by Krishna Pandey

on 20/9/21

Hello doctor I have got the pain and swelling in the multiple joints especially knee ankle and the groin and those parts are getting too hot sometimes, very difficulty in mobilising, standing and everytime clicking and popping sound comes from the knee and I went for the mri scan of all those parts which was all clear Similar I have recently done the full blood count seems clear and I went for the orthopaedic, and rheumatologist they were unable to identify the cause. As I have been seen by phisio and podiatrist more than 10 times and doing exercises and yoga doesn’t help me at all. As the rheumatologist gave me the NSAIDS medicine which is not very helpful, I have a question is that what can do the further steps, can you please provide me some suggestions I have a pain, more than a year I am just 22 years old patient Thanks

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Thanks doctor as you mentioned for those tests I did which seems all good but problems has not been solved yet, What are the alternatives ..?

Answered on 21/9/21
Dr. Santosh Kumar Bashyal

Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon,Clinical Scientist, 15 Years of practice

I would recommend you to do blood parameters to rule our rheumatologist diseases and vit D3 and vit B12 which can cause unsolved problem . check x ray of knee to see the condition of bone ,joint and it's space thank you

Answered on 20/9/21

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