Asked by Dhiraj Kumar Sah

1 month ago

Dear sir, i consumed gutkha for 1 year. I noticed black spot in left bucal mucosa few months ago with burning sensation on consuming spicy food. Since then i have left chewing gutkha. I also consulted with dentist and he gave me some antioxidants and vitamin tablets but it is same as it was . The burning seansation is little bit control but black spot is same as it was. What may be the solution sir??

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Dr. Purushottam Adhikari

Medical Officer, 2 Years of practice

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Need to see to know what it is exactly. Havw follow up with the dentist again.

Answered 1 month ago

Dear user, if you would like to consult online or book an appointment with the doctor, please go through the link below,

Answered 1 month ago

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