Asked by Anonymous User ,27 years

on 2/8/21

Where can i Find Proper treatment related to Blood Pressure Issues and Half left body Low levels Paralysis Symptoms of left Hand Palm only and Proper Treatment of it. It's an Urgent Issues plz plz plz Suggest me.😞

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Now i have treated the patience ( She is my Mom ) 41 years old now she has low platelets around 88000 and she is having ecosprin Medicine. Now can she Consume that Ecosprin or not. And now she is feeling a bit fatigue on her left side leg and arm sometimes not totally Recover.. Leg and arm pains in Night also due to that she have Trouble in sleep could not sleep easily. Plz Suggestions required.😞

Answered on 12/8/21
Dr. Umesh Guragain

Physician Internal Medicine

where are you sir?

Answered on 2/8/21

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