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My mother is covid positive since 10 days. I m in regular consultation with one of the consultant of teku hospital. she is in home isolation at present (pepsicola). There is no fever right now, SpO2 is 95-97. She has cough(productive) which has not yet subsided. No cough syp is given.The doctor has advised for X-ray chest nearby pepsicola. So how can I access there for X-ray of my mother. She has the history of Rheumatoid arthritis with LCSS.(It would be easy to bring mother to there if I get some information in my email: [email protected])

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There is no one available in covid consultation.

Answered 1 month ago
Dr. Purushottam Adhikari

Medical Officer , 2 Years of practice

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Please go to covid consultation category in this app.

Answered 1 month ago

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