What is the death rate of Coronavirus disease?  

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Coronavirus, the casue of recent COVID-19 was reported first from Wuhan, China on last of December, 2019. Since then, it has been spreading like a wildfire across the globe. World Health Organization has already declared it as a pandemic and surveillance system has been established across the globe to prevent its further transmission.

What is the Current statistics of COVID-19 ?

(as on 16th March as per https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ infographics)

Total cases:171,027
Deaths: 6526
Recovered: 77,790

What are the death rates among suspected cases?

Previously, WHO has estimated death rate of 2% among the cases but as per the latest death rates globally from COVID -19 is expected to be 3.4% . This all of a sudden rise in death rate is due to increased detection and reporting from countries besides China.

Who are the at risk group for COVID-19?

The following groups are more likely to be infected and mortality rates are high among the folloing people:

Age: People over age 80 harbour 14.8% of total deaths. Children are carriers and not infected in most of cases. This is due to poor immunity as number of white blood cells are decreased.

Source: worldometers.info (dated 16 March, 2020)

Associated comorbidities: Pre existing disease condition weakens the immune system and makes person susceptible to the virus. Some major morbidities which acts as risk factors for infection includes Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, etc.

Source: worldometers.info (dated 16 March, 2020)

People at hospital settings: People who are admitted in hospitals with disease condition have weakened immune system and are more accessible of acquiring virus. Doctors and medical staff are at high risk too in case Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) is not used properly.

Social factors: People living in crowded setting apartments, schools, hostels, are at risk too as virus can spread rapidly.

Travellers: The only and major reason virus got all over the world from Wuhan is travel. Many countries has already put travel restrictions. WHO has said that Europe has become epicentre for virus. It is suggested to restrict travel unless absolutely necessary and people coming from affected zones should be held in quarantine for at least 14 days

Everyone is at risk: There is no single person who can’t have coronavirus. Though risk rates are low for certain groups they are there anyway. So mass collaboration and maintenance of hygiene is crucial during this time of pandemic.

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