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Hydrafacial is an advanced medical-grade facial which cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates and hydrates our skin at the same time. It helps to infuse vitamin serums and nutrients into the skin directly. It basically calms and refines our skin by restoring a youthful natural glow.

This procedure is wet microdermabrasion and it lasts for about half an hour. It contains vacuum like space that provides gentle pressure and it cleanses bursts of liquid. Unlike microdermabrasion or lasers, it doesn’t cause any trauma to the skin. Lasers for rejuvenation leave spots or marks after the procedure for about a week. In hydrafacial, there is absolutely no recovery time.


The first step is the extraction. This leads to deep cleaning and removal of dead cells of the skin. It also removes oil, loosens pores and infuses medical grade exfoliants.

Then it hydrates the skin with nutrient-rich solutions and dissolves all impurities. Antioxidants that are required for skin healing and protection are then delivered. These antioxidants and peptides firm and tighten the skin as well as improve fine wrinkles.


  • Firm Smooth skin
  • Less wrinkles
  • Skin hydration
  • Brighter skin
  • Improved pigmentation
  • No blackheads and Pimples
  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Removed dead skin and impurities
  • Fight sun damage
  • Fight pollution effects

It refines, firms and hydrates the skin, also brightens, detoxifies, cleanses and opens clogged acne-causing pores. One very important aspect is it fights sun-damage as well as the effects of pollution by sucking our harmful toxins. It has been proven that pollutant particles don’t just stay on the skin surface but enter inside the skin as well. Regular facials are not able to remove these particles. Hydrafacial is able to deeply purify the skin. It also helps improve acne, blackheads, dark circles, under-eye fine lines, lip darkening and neck rejuvenation. It gives immediate results that lasts for a few weeks. Moreover, it gives long-lasting healthy skin when done regularly. To maintain your skin healthy, you should take opinions or consultations from experts for your skincare products.

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