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Over the years, the healthcare pattern around the world has emerged and directed towards the digitalized format. Online healthcare is proven to be cost and time-efficient. It can be said that modernization in the health sector is followed by the effective implementation of online consultation in Nepal. Because of the acceptance of modern technologies in developed countries, the usage rate of the online health care system is way more sophisticated than in developing countries like Nepal.

Healthcare facilities in Nepal / online consultation in Nepal

Having an overlook on the health condition of Nepal, the massive amount of change and progress is required. The constitution of Nepal addresses health as a fundamental right, stating that each and every citizen has the right to basic health services free of cost. But there exists a vast difference in reality. Only 61.8% of the Nepalese households have access to health facilities within 30 min, with significant urban (85.9%) and rural (59%) discrepancy. Addressing barriers to Health services needs urgent interventions at the population level. Though there is an establishment of a network of primary health care facilities and deployment of community health workers to provide essential health services at the community level, that is not very effective due to unequal distribution, lack of human resources in rural areas, poor infrastructure, etc. the major intervention that too in a short span of time is required.

How will online health services be effective in Nepal?

Today's generation uses Google as a search engine for basically everything. In such case, the market reach of online health platform is quite high. This might not be suitable for the older generation but one of the family members can always help and teach them how to use it. People nowadays are in race. They would like to be more productive more efficient in terms of time and cost. That actually is the priority of the digital health platform. Especially in urban areas, people can be very supportive of online health platforms as it is feasible as per their working patterns too. In rural areas too, nowadays the internet connection and mobile phones are quite common. So, even if the health practitioners do not prefer going to rural areas, they can always consult doctors via phone using an online portal.

Nobody likes to devote time to a normal sickness and to visit a hospital for a basic cause when you actually can do it using a handy device. Online health care services provide electronic health records. This feature of exchanging health information electronically can help the patient to get higher quality and safer care as it is secured among related patients and health professionals. This also helps health organizations like hospitals and clinics to create tangible enhancement for the organization. 

Obstacles in e-health 

In spite of having such benefits, the engagement of people in online health platforms is really low. The irony here is people are more concerned about their health on a general basis but the engagement for the same is considerably low. In other words, people have heard of other social media sites and they can use it to talk about more than just their health. The major reason behind this is the aggressive advertisement for social media sites. The investment made in such sectors is reasonably high as compared to investments in health platforms.

Hence, it is high time we should be progressive about the health care system as much as we are about social media and all. The online health care system in Nepal is a necessity in today's condition. Especially during this corona pandemic many of us may have realized the need of an online healthcare platform when we are not being able to visit hospitals due to the risk of coronavirus.

About Hamro Doctor

Hamro Doctor is the First Online Healthcare Service Provider from Nepal where patients can consult certified medical personnel and get additional health-related services along with other information related to health online.  Our services not only help doctors get patients but it also improves their overall reputation and also expands their work to a larger audience. Patients can also keep a record of their medical history along with their profiles, saving them from the hassle of carrying medical files and reports here and there.

Hamro doctor was founded with a vision of making health care and medical consultation less complicated and widely accessible. We aim to develop a trustworthy health care service that is personalized and less sophisticated. Along with online consultation, we also provide services like blood donation, online discussion, health feed, online consultation in nepal 


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