How to treat minor cuts on skin?  

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Using knife or sharp objects is so common in our daily life either in your kitchen or for other household work. So, do cutting hand by knife remains common and what to do next pop up in mind of every individual.

What to do when you have cut in skin?

The answer largely depends on the cut, weather the cut is superficial, deep one or the finger is completely amputated.  

When you have superficial cut in skin

  • For the superficial cut where the skin is just abraded follow these steps:
  • Apply pressure to the cut area until bleeding stops
  • Clean the cut area with warm water & soap
  • Apply antibiotic ointment/dettol & use sterile bandage
  • Apply ice & elevate hand above heart to reduce swelling

Image source: Healthline

When you have deep cut in the skin

For the deep cut where underlying muscle and bone are seen via naked eyes, follow these steps:

  • Don’t get panic and be calm.
  • Follow all the steps for the superficial cut; if the bleeding don’t stop call ambulance as soon as possible & visit emergency room of the nearby hospital.
  • All the history how the incident happened should be provided to medical personal in detail and the attending health care personnel will decide whether to stich the wound or simply provide bandage.

 If the finger is completely seperated

With knife it is not so common to seperate the entire finger but may happen with other sharp objects. If in case it happens follow these steps:

  • Cover the  cut area with soft cloth and try to stop bleeding as possible
  • Call the ambulance to reach hospital as soon possible 
  • Keep in mind to take the amputated part with patient in plastic container, if possible keep ice within the same container
  • After reaching hospital, give all the history to the attending doctor & give the amputated part to the doctor so that the they can perform stitching  surgery soon

Medical emergencies related to cut injury

A superficial & small cut that is taken care at home should heal properly. Deeper or amputated cut can be taken care at hospital.

Even after discharge or simply home treatment you should visit the hospital if you have following:
•    Bleeding continues as in the case with patient having bleeding disorders
•    If there is sign of infection & swelling
•    If the patient is having diabetes & sign of healing don’t appear

Need for tetanus injection

You may need to take tetanus injection if the knife or sharp object injuring your skin is dirty or the wound is deep if you are not previously immunized. So, please contact your doctor for more needful.

Prevention is better than cure. So handle the knife and sharp onjects carefully so that you don't have to suffer much.

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