How to stop and treat eye twitching?  

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Twitch is a sudden spasm of muscle which is not in our voluntary control. When it happens in eyelid, then it is call eyelid twitch or blepharospasm in medical term if it’s strong enough to close the eye. It lasts for a very brief period of time; just few seconds. It may occur in either of the eyes or both but upper lids are said to me more common for twitching.

What causes eyelid twitching?

Most of the times causes of eyelid twitches are not known as it go on its own.  Following associations are common if you have recurrent eyelid twitches:

  • Fatigue and straining of eye for long time
  • Chronic irritation of eye by dusts or other irritants
  • Dry eyes
  • Infection of eyelid, conjunctiva
  • Caffine
  • Too much alcohol intake or smoking

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When to see a doctor for eyelid twitches?

Most of the cases of eyelid twitches are self limiting and occurs less often. But if it’s recurring more and having troublesome in daily works, then you need to see the doctor. Following symptoms need to be evaluated more by an eye doctor:

  • If the eyelid is drooping along with twitching
  • If you have difficulty in opening the eye after twitch
  • If the white part of eye is unusually red
  • If the eye is tearing and itching more than usual
  • If the twitch spreads over face and other body parts too
  • If the twitch is recurrent over the weeks and disturbing your daily activities

If the doctor suspects something more, further investigations are required and are treated accordingly.

Prevention of eyelid twitching

Always pay attention to your eye’s health as it’s much important. Maintain the hygiene and keep it clean. Take adequate sleep so that eye can rest sufficiently. Avoid screen time as much as possible. Use artificial tears in case of dry eye. Drink less caffine, avoid smoking and alcohol. 

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