Common cold, how to cure?  

Article   Dr. Purushottam Adhikari  on Mon, Mar 19 2018 08:18 PM 138656 Views 0 Comments 2 persons recommended

Common cold is the acute upper respiratory tract infection i.e. nose and throat caused mainly by different viruses. 

Many types of virus are the culprit of the common cold. Common viruses are;
-    Rhinovirus - commonest
-    Influenza virus
-    Corona virus
-    Respiratory Syncytial virus
-    Adenovirus
-    Enterovirus
-    Parainflunza virus

-    Sneezing
-    Runny nose
-    Cough
-    Nasal congestion
-    Sore throat
-    Muscle ache
-    Fever
-    Fatigue
-    Malaise
-    Headache
-    Loss of appetite

Mode of transmission:
Via air droplets while sneezing, direct contact with infected nasal secretions or fomites or contaminated objects

-    Clinical diagnosis
-    Isolation of viral agent involved is rarely performed

Most of the common colds are self limiting. Following measures can be performed:
-    Take rest
-    Drink plenty of fluids to maintain hydration
-    Gargling with warm saline water
-    If fever and pain: take paracetamol or ibuprofen for pain relief.

-    Handwashing and face masks while sitting around infected people.
-    Vaccination against virus and isolation of the diseased is not much useful.

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