Abortion pills; few things you must know before taking it!  

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The termination of pregnancy by using medicines commonly being sold as abortion pills is called medical abortion. The use of abortion pills has increased much in recent times. The medicines commonly used as abortion pills for the termination of pregnancy are Misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin analogue and Mifeprestone, a antiprogestins. You should always take these medicines after consult with your doctor, not by buying it online or through markets on your own.

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Who are eligible candidate to take abortion pills?

The duration of pregnancy upto which abortion pills can be taken varies according to the local and national practices. Generally less than 10-12 weeks of pregnancy can be terminated by the abortion pills. The women who are willing to avoid surgical options and like to go for medical termination of pregnancy are the eligible candidate for abortion pills.

Who should not undergo abortion via pills?

We again suggest consulting the doctor before taking abortion pills rather than taking it randomly. Because there are various condition where the pregnant women should not take the abortion pills. Few of them are listed below:

  • Women with ectopic pregnancy or mass in the ovary. It is necessary to rule out the ectopic pregnancy by USG or other means before taking the abortion pills
  • Women with chronic disease of heart, liver, kidney
  • Where the emergency services for surgery and other facilities are not available if any complications arises
  • Women with bleeding and coagulation disorder

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Side effects and complications seen taking abortion pills

Abortion pills leads to termination of pregnancy with uneventful period in most of the cases. Sometimes few side effects and complications may be seen. The following are among few of the improtant :

  • Cramping abdominal pain and passage of blood clots and products of conception. This may last for one or two weeks.
  • Sometimes the women may have headache, flushing and abdominal symptoms like nausea, vomiting
  • Incomplete abortion where the products of conceptions and blood clots are not completely passed. This may need the further evacuation by manual vacuum aspiration.
  • Irregular menses may follow in some following medical abortion

Things to care after taking abortion pills

  • Report to your doctor immediately if there is excessive bleeding or if any unusual complications
  • Follow up your doctor as per called and take medications as prescribed
  • Avoid sexual relations for a week after taking abortion pills

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