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on 23/1/21

I don't know which department to visit for my brother. He had tested positive for ASO Titre and was almost paralyzed from the left side with a little vocals. After visiting Dr. Birendra Bista, his condition started improving. He was prescribed Valprol CR 500, Elopram 10 and a few other medicines. His condition was improving and was brought to kathmandu for therapy related to his left hand. He was then prescribed Neurobion, Vitcobin 1500, Levocarnitine, simcal 500 but his condition started to worsen after he has visited kathmandu and is quite weak and also has little vocals. He has been told that he has problems in his blood. I am not sure which department should I visit. Should I visit the neuro department or hematology? Or should I visit any other department?

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Hello! Please go through the link below to consult online with a Neuroligist,

Answered on 25/1/21

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