Asked by Jigyasa kumari

2 months ago

After taking an ipill around my periods date I had my bleeding on 3rd august which lasted till 11th august after that I got my bleeding again on 19 aug and today it's 2nd september my bleeding didn't stopped. I took 6 tablets of trapic mf far now it reduced my heavy bleeding cause I started bleeding heavily on 29 aug till than the bleeding was quite normal but now my bleeding is reduced but after completing the dose of trapic e 10 tablets my periods doesn't stop and my past history of ipill is i had ipill on 27th may than on 3rd august . I bleed for 24 days in a month and 16 days in a row what should i do now i only had i pill twice in my life . And also my periods was normal and on time there is no such history before.

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