Asked by Hira Maya

9 months ago

F- 25 yrs. Hi. I got my accessory navicular bone fractured 1 week back. I have got fiberglass cast on my right leg. My orthopaedic doctor told me that I can start walking immediately after applying cast. (He did mention taking it slowly like going to bathroom, kitchen,etc by walking) he did warn to not go for long walk.. so my concern is usually when we fracture our leg doctors tell to rest and not walk for at least 4 weeks so why my doctor told me to start walking immediately. Is it okay to walk immediately? I have my written exam in a week time from now and want to be sure if I can start walking little distance as advised by the doctor or should completely rest (non weight bearing)?? I want to confirm this bcoz I have my masters board exam from next week. Additional information : I fall down when jumping in trampoline and I had pain and swelling for a day or 2. Now I don't have pain but I'm scared to put my injured leg on ground thinking it will be painful. And my cast around my heel feel tight still and that makes it painful if I even try to stand up and keep my leg straight while standing up. However there is no such problem when lying down

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