Asked by Andreev Vladislav Vladimirovith

8 months ago

Hello, I smoked electronic cigarettes for a while (5-6 months infrequently) Decided to quit a few months ago, I quit.I went a lot with people who smoke / soar, the withdrawal syndrome from a large part has resumed and it has not passed for a month .He begins to pass the symptoms begin to be much less pronounced , then either he went out to the store and sniffed cigarettes , or the neighbor in the next window smokes , and the withdrawal syndrome returns even from a meager amount of nicotine . What to do in such a situation ? It's just that you don't want to snort cigarettes at all? Well, it's not possible because everyone smokes everywhere. I have not smoked at all for 2 months Will it even end in this case ? still withdrawal syndrome with generally little experience) How long can the withdrawal syndrome last in this case? It seems like it's just a vicious circle

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