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i am having a low back pain since around 1-2 years. The cause of pain is sitting too much on the chair 8-9hr a day(my job requires this). my age is 26. recently i did mri of my lumbar spine and Si joint these are my impressions: lumbar spine: - mild to moderate degenerative changes noted in lumbar spine - disc protrusion causing indentation of the thecal sac and narrowing of the lateral recesses in the para central location B/L noted caudally at L4/L5 & L5/S1(more involved) levels - posture related compromise to S1 nerve roots B/L at L5/S1 level would be possibility Si joints - small focal high STIR signal area noted in left ilium at the left SI joint. Non specific finding? Marrow edema

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i am doing physiotherapy its been a week now, feeling better but i have query can this be cured permanently and how long will it take

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