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1 month ago

Hello doctors. (19 Male). I always have congested nose. Particularly in the morning, things get worse. Not sure why this happens. I recently recovered from Acute Pharyngitis. I don't think the congested nose is an aftermath of Pharyngitis because, I have this problem for as long as I can remember. After I wakeup, I get runny nose and I sneeze back to back for 4-5 minutes. In the afternoon, I get occasional sneezes and have congested nose. During evening, the problem seems to have been eased. But at night (before bed), I get sneezes and runny nose and sometimes even watery eyes. Could this be Rhinitis or Sinusitis? Please suggest me some treatment options. Thank you...

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Answered 1 month ago
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Mahaseth

ENT Head and neck surgeon

You are suffering from allergic rhinitis

Answered 1 month ago

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