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on 26/4/21

Hello. Recently since last 2 days, I am feeling hardly my pulses kind of thing everywhere on my body while lying down. It's just from last 2 days and never experienced before. Also I am kinda shivering few times but not that much. And during night or while lying down I can feel or know that something or blood is travelling through my body, I am pretty much feel that or sth like that. Recently I had muscle spasm or similar thing happened on my right arm lower part. At that time I nearly gone unconscious. Felt down being like uncontrollable. Previous Medical history is none. But to mention, I had torsion of testis 5 years back. No other long term diseases. I would like to know why this is happening and why. Whom should I consult with?

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Hello. We suggest you to visit a hospital nearby. If you would like to book an online consultation, you can go through the link below;

Answered on 26/4/21

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