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Built-up in 2008, Sweekriti International Pvt. Ltd. is a shipper and wholesaler of new and creative advances to Nepal. It has been giving support of the whole eye establishments of Nepal giving total scopes of ophthalmic necessities like gear (Digital Vision Charts, Slit Lamp, Phaco Emulsification Machines, Green laser burning units, Auto refractometers and so forth), pharmaceuticals (eye drops and careful adjoining), All sorts of Ophthalmic sutures, Surgical disposables (Surgical eye wraps and so on), Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs), Ophthalmic diagnostics Strips and others, and careful instruments with best quality. Sweekriti International stays focused on quality administration and conveyance in most moderate cost with understanding that the wellbeing, prosperity and the lives of numerous people rely upon its satisfaction of this guarantee. Nepal lies in the skirt of improvement, since a previous couple of years, Nepal has surfaced as a supplier of value restorative consideration in the entire of South East Asia. Emergency clinics in the urban zones of the country provide food not exclusively to the household populace yet in addition to the expanding universal populace. In this unique situation, it is critical for specialist organizations like us to be submitted and prepared to serve the majority. 

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