Vijayadeep Laboratories Ltd.

Shanti Chowk, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Vijayadeep Laboratories Ltd. is one of the leading research-oriented WHO-GMP certified, EMS ISO 14001 and QMS ISO 9001 pharmaceutical company in Nepal with a vision and commitment of adding value to human life. It was registered in 1995 and established in 2001 with a powerful blend of skills and resources to develop, manufacture and market a wide range of human health products and also provide pharmaceutical benefit services. The major promoters of this company, working for more than 20 years, have gained tangible accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector with leading national and international pharmaceutical companies in various disciplines including marketing, manufacturing and R & D. Vijayadeep manufactures products in its factory at Harisiddhi VDC in Lalitpur, Nepal and sells products throughout the country.

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