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About Consultation

HamroDoctor is the First Online Healthcare Service Provider Platform from Nepal. Online medical consultation is widely popular all over the world but this is something new for Nepal. With internet facility expanding like never before, life is getting easier and we intend to help you deal with your medical problems and queries through Hamro Doctor Platform.

Online consultation is not a substitute for the hospital visit nor will it ever is but we can assist you curing/caring your medical problems in a quite different way.

HamroDoctor offers following services via the medium of online platform:

1. Medical Services
We will provide the health consultation with expert team of doctors available in our platform regarding the disease condition and illness. The consultation may be either paid consultation to the specific doctor of choice or free of cost with our medical team. 
The consultation will be based on the clinical symptoms and detailed history regarding illness of patients. Though the part of direct clinical examination is not possible in our service, we will try to make the maximum utilization of multimedia services by either photos, videos of the diseased parts so as to minimize the gap. The doctors may suggest the investigations if required according to the disease condition and patient can upload the reports on their profile and continue the consultation. Finally the treatment options of the disease will be provided to the patients.
The service is not alternative to those conditions that require direct face to face consultation. Also the services are not for use in case of acute medical emergency and critical health situation requiring immediate medical attention.

2. Follow up for the chronic diseases
The burden of chronic diseases is much increasing in recent days. The disease requiring long term follow up like diabetes, hypertension etc. are on rise. Some of the patients even quit the treatment without completing due to the necessity of long term follow up. HamroDoctor’s service is for those patients who are facing difficulties to visit their doctor for follow up due to the personal work, busy schedule or hustle in hospitals. We can connect you with the specialist doctors available in our platform. There is adequate space for uploading of the old medical reports and ongoing treatment. Even if you are wondering where to consult with the fresh medical as well as radiological reports and you are far from the hospital or doctors, then HamroDoctor is the best place for you. 
So, our expert doctors will be providing the opinion regarding further treatment plans, need for follow up and medical reports evaluation for the patients with chronic medical diseases.

3. Know your disease
If you or your close ones are diagnosed of any particular disease or illness and you are wondering to know all the details about the disease, then HamroDoctor is there to help you. You can consult specialist doctors regarding the cause of disease, the stage of disease, further treatment options, prognosis, possible complications and the measures to prevent from it. We can counsel and guide you so that your family members and other relatives are less likely to suffer from the similar illness. HamroDoctor is the better place to know all about your disease and to have good life with it.

4. Second opinion about the illness
Some of the patient may have habit of visiting several doctors for a disease condition. Also after visiting a doctor, he/she might have told a lot about the condition and illness. Health is indeed a sensitive issue and sometimes we may be in confusion or dilemma. If still, one wants to hear from another expert doctor regarding the disease condition, treatment options and the place where one can get best possible care then HamroDoctor is best place to look for it. 

5. Doctors and hospitals suitable for you
There may be lots of doctors and hospitals available within our reach. Sometimes we might be wondering where to find specialist doctor appropriate to the particular disease condition. Our expert team will guide you to find specialist doctor and hospital suitable to your illness/disease nearby so that you will go on right track towards curing your illness.

6. Healthy tips
Healthy diet and healthy lifestyle are the way to prevent from most of non-communicable disease like hypertension, diabetes, COPD, Chronic Kidney Disease, Stroke etc. that are increasing in alarming rate in recent days. Similarly, many communicable disease can also be prevented by healthy lifestyles. Our expert doctors in the related field will provide you about the risk factors of the diseases along with health tips to stay away from those diseases.