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Dosage Form:- Tablet
Generic Name:- Ursodeoxycholic Acid 150 mg
Manufactured By:- QbD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


The active ingredient of URSODEX is Ursodeoxycholic Acid, a bile acid which is normally present in bile

Therapeutic Class

Bile Acid Preparations

Dose and Direction of Use

Take the medication as directed by your doctor and as mentioned on the label. Unless told differently, swallow the tablet with water. 

Mode of Action

The mechanism of action of UDCA in liver and cholestasis disorders has not yet been explained totally. However, UDCA alters bile acid composition, resulting in increases in the concentration of UDCA and decreases in the concentrations of the more hydrophobic and potentially toxic bile acids, cholic and chenodeoxycholic acids. UDCA also has a choleretic effect, resulting in increased bile acid output and bile flow. There is some evidence for immunological effects, including a reduction of abnormal expression of HLA Class I antigens on hepatocytes and a suppression of immunoglobulin and cytokine production. The Ursodeoxycholic acid converts lithogenic bile in non-lithogenic bile and gradually dissolves the cholesterol gallstones.



1. The dissolution of cholesterol stones in patients:

  • With one or more X-ray radiolucent (X-ray negative) gallstones, preferably with a diameter of not more than 2 cm, in a well-functioning gall bladder;

  • refusing a surgical procedure or in which surgical intervention is not indicated;

  • With whom an oversaturation of cholesterol has been shown by chemical analysis of the bile produced by duodenum drainage.

2. Primary Biliary Cholangitis.

  • Pediatric population

3. Hepatobiliary disorder associated with cystic fibrosis in children aged 6 years to 18 years.



Don't use this medicine if you have:

  • Hypersensitivity to this medicine

Precautions and Warning

  • Have regular liver function test.
  • It contains lactose, so consult your doctor if you have tolerance to some sugar.
  • Mention if you are taking any other medications like oral contraceptive drugs as it can affect the work of Ursodeoxycholic Acid.
  • Not recoomended if you have gall bladder problem, liver problem or peptic ulcers.

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