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Dosage Form:- Gel
Generic Name:- Adapalene 0.1% w/w
Manufactured By:- National Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


Adapalene gel is a topical synthetic retinoid used to treat acne. It promotes healing of pimples an decrease the number and severity of acne pimple by affecting the growth of cells.


Therapeutic Class


Dose and Direction of Use

Use this medication on the skin only. It should be applied once a day to affected areas after washing in the evening before bed. A thin film of the gel should be applied, avoiding eyes, lips, and mucous membranes.

Mode of Action

Adapalene is a modulator of cellular differentiation, keratinization and inflammatory processes.


For the cutaneous treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris where comedones, papules and pustules predominate. Acne of the face, chest or back is appropriate for treatment


Hypersensitivity to Adapalene

Adapalene gel should not be used in patients with severe acne.


Precautions and Warning

  • It may take 8-12 weeks to notice the better result. So, for the first week your acne might get worse.
  • Don't use it in cuts, abrasions, eczematous, or sunburned skin
  • Greater risk of skin toxicity when exposed to the sun. So, avoid going out on sun after applying or use sunscreen.
  • If the medication goes inside your eyes or mouth clean it well and flush with water.
  • Should not be used by patients with eczema or seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Concurrent use of other potentially irritating topical products; increased risk of skin toxicity
  • If you are pregnant then ask your doctor before using this medication as it can harm your unborn baby. If you are breastfeeding women then also consult your doctor before applying this medication.


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