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The clinic provides cosmetic medical and surgical treatments. The treatments are delivered by highly qualified and trained medical professionals. The invasive procedures like wrinkle reducing injections- Botox, fillers and surgical treatments are provided. The relatively non- invasive procedures, like permanent hair reduction, photo rejuvenation, phototherapy (PUVA) & NB UVB: treatments for psoriasis, vitiligo, treatment of excessive Sweating (iontophoresis therapy), tattoo( Q-Switched Nd:YAG) ,chemical peels, ear lobe repair burn scar revision, band skin resurfacing are provided by medically qualified and Laser trained professionals.


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Dr. Jaswan Shakya

Dr. Jaswan Shakya

MS, Fellowship in Plastic surgery & Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Prakriti Gyawali

Dr. Prakriti Gyawali

MBBS, MD, FAM & Dermatologist

Dr. Smita Joshi

MBBS, Nepal &

तथ्याङ्कमा कोरोना