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Solteemod, Kalimati & Satungal, Kathmandu. 


Spark Health home is the pioneer and the best center in Nepal for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Ayurvedic, natural and holistic medicine. With integrated and multidisciplinary approach, Spark Health Home has incorporated the best fields of medicine to provide the best health care and rehabilitation without adverse effects. Since last two decades, Spark Health Home has been providing effective and affordable health care and rehabilitation services to thousands of people. It is the only place where a person can get the various services such as yoga, nursing  under one roof.


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Dr. Sunil Kumar Paudel

1st BNYS of Nepal & Phsiotherapy

Dr. Mukunda Sharma

MBBS, DGO, MD & Medical Director

Dr. Rikesh Tamrakar

MBBS, Nepal & Internal Medicine, Cardiologist

Dr. Shasmit Sharma

MBBS, MS & Orthopedics

Dr. Swoyam Prakash Pandit

MD & Radiolgist

Dr. Prakash Sundar Shrestha

MD Professor & Paediatrics

Dr. Krishna Aryal

BNYS: RGUHS, Bangalore MPH, IOM, Maharajgunj & Ayurvedic Medicne and Surgery

Dr. Gita K.C.

BYNS (RGUHS, B lore) & Naturopathy & Nutrition
Dr. Naveen Bastola

Dr. Naveen Bastola

BAMS, RGUHS, Bangalore Dip. Keralian PanchaKarma, Kerala & Panchakarma

Dr. Chetana A.M. Paudel

BNYS, MPH, DMU & Physiotherapist
Dr. Om Prakash Khaniya

Dr. Om Prakash Khaniya

BNYS: RGUHS, Bangalore Masters Psychology: TU & Yoga & Naturopathic Medicine / Psychology

Prof. Dr. Nivedita Pandey

NYL BNYS: RGUHS, Bangalore & Ayurved
Dr. Anil Kumar Mahato

Dr. Anil Kumar Mahato

BPT (RGUHS, B lore) MPT (Finland) & Chief Physiotherpist

Dr. Sheetal Lamichhane

BPT: AAIDU, NEW-DELHI & Physiotherapyist

Dr. Bhaskar Jha

BPT: HNBGU, DEHRADUN & Physiontherapist

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shah

PHY BPT: RGUHS, Bangalore & Physiontherapist

Dr. Bhawani Paudyal

PHY BPT: HNBGU, DEHRADUN & Physiontherapist

Dr. Sunaina Thapa

PHY BPT: HNBGU, DEHRADUN & Physiotherapist

Dr. Niroj Shrestha

BPT: RGUHS, Bangalore & Physiotherapist

Dr. Sajana Bantawa Rai

BPT: RGUHS, Bangalore & Physiotherapist

Dr. Smriti Suwal

BPT: Manipal, Bangalore & Physiotherapist

Dr. Ramesh Gyawali

BPT: RGUHS, Bangalore & Physiotherapist

Dr. Suprima Shrestha

BPT: RGUHS, Bangalore & Physiotherapist