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Making a nation prosperous is possible only through its healthy citizens. The primary responsibilities of any state include the extension of affordable, reliable and modern technology based quality health service to the public. In the context of Nepal, the health service in the government level hasn’t be reasonable, qualitative, sufficient and effective due to the geographical diversity, uncontrolled population growth and the lack of proper management. On the other hand we shouldn’t forget the bitter fact that the health service provided by the private health institutions like hospital, nursing homes and polyclinics is very expensive and unreachable to the Nepali people suffering from price hikes and poverty. 


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Dr. Samir Shrestha

(MBBS, MS) & General Surgeon

Dr. Rinku Joshi

(MBBS, MD) & Internal Medicine

Dr. Alka Shrestha

(MBBS, MD) & Obsterician & Gyanaecologist

Dr. Suvana Maskey

MBBS, Nepal & OBS Gynecologist

Dr. Mukhtar Alam Ansari

(MBBS, PHD) & Radiologist

Dr. Bikash Adhikari

(MBBS, MD) & Radiologist

Dr. Pravesh Bhandari

MBBS, MS (Neurosurgery) & Neurosurgeon

Dr. Sabin Gauchan

MBBS, MD & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Kedar Marahatta

(MBBS, MD) & Neuropsychiatries
Dr. Kailash Kumar Bhandari

Dr. Kailash Kumar Bhandari

MBBS, MS (Ortho.) & Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Nisha Jyoti Shrestha

(MBBS, MD) & Pediatrician

Dr. Jaya Prasad Baral

(MBBS/D.D.V) & Dermatologist

Dr. Chandani Pradhan

B.D.S & Dentist

Dr. Anjan Shrestha

MBBS, Bangladesh & Consultant Pathologist

Dr. Surendra Man Shrestha

MDS & Periodontics

Dr. Suvit Maskey

BDS, Nepal & Dentist
Dr. Sailendra Kumar Duwal Shrestha

Dr. Sailendra Kumar Duwal Shrestha

MBBS( Bangladesh),MS Ortho( NAMS), Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Injury (India) & Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Saju Pradhan

Dr. Saju Pradhan

MBBS, Nepal & Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Suvana Maskey

MBBS, Nepal & OBS Gynecologist

Dr. Suvana Maskey

MBBS, Nepal & OBS Gynecologist

Dr. Ram Krishna Baral

MD, Belarus & Internal Medicine

Dr. Prativa Adhikari Kshetry

MBBS, Nepal & Physiotherapist

Dr. Resmi Shrestha

& Pathologist

Dr. Shruti Lal Das

BDS, Nepal & Dentist

Dr. Bibek Bhakta Joshi

MBBS, Belarus & Radiologist

Dr. Surendra Basnet

MBBS, Nepal & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mohini Thapa

MBBS, MS & Opthamologist
Dr. Rima Shrestha

Dr. Rima Shrestha

MBBS(Dhaka), MD Dermatology & Venereology(NAMS) & Dermatologist Venereologist & Cosmetologist & Laser Surgeon

Dr. Pranaya Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & Neuro surgery

Dr. Kiran Adhikari

MBBS, China & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Devendra Maharjan

MD, Russian Federation & Anesthesiologist
Dr. Pragya Karmacharya  Rajbhandari

Dr. Pragya Karmacharya Rajbhandari

MBBS, MD, Russia & Pediatrician
Dr. Upendra Joshi

Dr. Upendra Joshi

MBBS, China & Nephrologist & Transplant Medicine

Dr. Rikesh Tamrakar

MBBS, Nepal & Internal Medicine, Cardiologist
Dr. Mukti Nath Timilsena

Dr. Mukti Nath Timilsena

MBBS, MS & Registrar Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Jitendra Shrestha

MBBS, MS & General Surgeon

Dr. Ram Shrestha

MBBS, MD (Birendra Army hospital) & Opthalmology
Dr. Meenu Suwal

Dr. Meenu Suwal

MBBS, MD & Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Reema Rajbhandari

MBBS, Bangladesh & Neurologist
Dr. Narmaya Thapa

Dr. Narmaya Thapa

MBBS, MS & ENT Surgeon
Dr. Deepak Shrestha

Dr. Deepak Shrestha

MBBS, MD & Orthopedic Surgeon
Asst. Prof. Dr. Suman Prasad Adhikari

Asst. Prof. Dr. Suman Prasad Adhikari

MBBS, MD & Consultant Psychiatrist