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A group of medical practitioners from Nepal established Medicare Nepal (P) Ltd. in 1990 for operation of Medicare Nursing Home with 10 beds in Kathmandu valley with the aim to cater the highest quality of health services within the country. A team of young, enthusiastic and dedicated doctors working at Medicare Nepal Nursing Home felt the necessity to grow up a much better health centre with modern technology and better facilities. Their enthusiasm was supported by another group of medical and non - medical persons resulting the established of well a equipped and modern health care centre of an international standard- Medicare National Hospital & Research Centre Ltd. with 30 beds in 1997 and later on the beds were increased to 75 beds including ICU/CCU and close Psychiatric ward which was the first in private sector in the country. Now hospital has indoor capacity of 100 beds and more than 50 consultant having different specialties.


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Dr. Brahma Dev Jha

MD & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Dhandu Rani Shakya

MD, Ukraine & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Jeju Nath Pokharel

MD, Nepal & Anesthesiologist & Critical Care

Dr. Netra Raj Dawadi

MBBS, India & Anethesiologist

Dr. Dr. Pramesh Shrestha

MD & Anesthesologist

Dr. Ravi Ram Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesia
Dr. Roshan Piya

Dr. Roshan Piya

MBBS, MD & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Shobha Aryal

MBBS, DA & Anesthesiologist

Tech Pradeep Malik

B.Sc.S.H, FPAS & Audiogram & Speach Therapist

Dr. Abani Bhushan Upadhyaya

MD, FACC, FAPSC & Cardiology

Dr. Dr. Sashi Acharya

MD, PHD, PG & Cardiologist (Heart)

Dr. Tilak Nath Bhattarai

MD & Cardiologist (Heart)

Dr. Udaya Kumar Shrestha

MD, M.MED & Cardiologist (Heart)
Dr. Jyotindra Sharma

Dr. Jyotindra Sharma

MBBS, Pakistan & Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Mrs. Nani Shova Shakya

PD Dietician & Dietician

Dr. Mrs. Reshma Dhittal

ICFSN & Dietician

Dr. Dharma Kanta Baskota

MD, DLO, FCPS & ENT Surgeon
Dr. Narmaya Thapa

Dr. Narmaya Thapa

MBBS, MS & ENT Surgeon

Dr. Som Nath Arjyal

MD, MS & ENT Surgeon

Dr. Pradip Kumar Yadav

MD & Gastroenterologist
Dr. Prakash Poudel

Dr. Prakash Poudel

MD General Medicine, MD Nephrology & Nephrologist

Dr. Mamta Lakhey

MD (PATH) & Pathologist

Dr. Rupendra Thapa

MD (PATH) & Pathologist

Dr. Arun Sharma

MD & Nephrologist (Kideny)

Dr. Amina Shrestha

MD & Neurology

Prof. Dr. Yogendra Prasad Singh

MBBS, Nepal & Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr. Rojeeta Parajuli

MBBS, MD & Ophthalmologist

Dr. Mukunda Prasad Kafle

MD & General Physician

Dr. Sweta Sharma

& Physiotherapist
Dr. Ajit Kumar Gurung

Dr. Ajit Kumar Gurung

Langdhi, Denpur , Parbat & Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Dr. Ambika Shrestha

MD, DPM & Psychiatrist

Dr. Bishwa Bandhu Sharma

MD & Psychiatrist
Dr. Pushpa Prasad Sharma

Dr. Pushpa Prasad Sharma

MD, India & Senior Consultant Neuro Pshychiatrist

Dr. Dirgha Singh Bam

MBBS, MD & chest Physician

Dr. Nam Raj Sharma Pandit

MD, DTCD & Pulmonologist

Dr. Dr. Lokesh Kaushal Bhattarai

MBBS, MD & Pulmonologist
Dr. Arjun Dev Bhatta

Dr. Arjun Dev Bhatta

MD, PH.D, DSC, FICS & Urologist

Dr. Prashant Khatiwada

MD Radiology & Radiologist
Dr. Saurav Krishna Malla

Dr. Saurav Krishna Malla

MBBS, MD (Radiology) & Radiology & Interventions
Dr. Uttam Krishna Shrestha

Dr. Uttam Krishna Shrestha

MBBS, MD & Consultant Cardiologist and Vascular surgeon
Dr. Binod Sherchan

Dr. Binod Sherchan

MBBS, MS & Orthopedics & Traumatology

Dr. Mahesh Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Paeditrics

Dr. Arunima Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & Dermatology & Venerology

Dr. Ramesh Singh Bhandari

MS/MCH, Fellowship, Hepatobilary Pancreatic & Liver Transplant Surgery, Australia & GI Surgery

Dr. Tirtha Raj Burlakoti

MBBS, Bangladesh & Radiology
Dr. Shanta Kumari Sapkota

Dr. Shanta Kumari Sapkota

MBBS, DA, FRCA & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Manisha Chapagai

MBBS, MD & Neuro Psychiatrist

Dr. Meera Ojha

MBBS, MD & Obsterician & Gyanaecologist
Dr. Krishna Kaji Bhomi

Dr. Krishna Kaji Bhomi

MBBS, MS, & Urologist
Dr. Sumit Raj Adhikari

Dr. Sumit Raj Adhikari

MS & Orthopedics & Traumatology
Dr. Rita Marahatta

Dr. Rita Marahatta

MD & Obsterician & Gyanaecologist

Dr. Ajay Risal

MBBS, Nepal & Psychiatry

Dr. Subindra Karki

MBBS, Bangladesh & Radiologist