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The health indicators of Nepal are embarrassing. Poverty, malnutrition, ignorance, deep rooted traditional beliefs, unmanaged urbanization and deteriorating environmental conditions are the major factors affecting health of the Nepalese people. In this circumstances, Nepal Health Care Co-operative Limited (NEHCO) is founded and registered under cooperative act on 17 March, 2006 under which a 100 bedded Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital (MMCH) and Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences (MMIHS) are established in the year 2006 and 2007 respectively. Both wings are established under the name of Former Prime Minister Late Manmohan Adhikari, a great patriot and legendary leader of Nepal and South Asia.

In line with national and international thinking of Center of Excellence with purpose of providing quality medical education, health service delivery and health research, Manamohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) is established under NEHCONEHCO is committed to invest its all efforts to ensure the quality health care service delivery and to provide the practical as well as scientific education through the cooperative initiatives. MMIMS has been established by a group of academicians, researchers, industrialists and prominent professionals with extensive exposure to a wide range of innovative knowledge, experience and teaching/learning practices. Apart from this, MMIMS aims at providing high-end health services facilitating with modern medical technologies within the reach of all citizens.


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Dr. Dharma Datta Subedi

MD, Ukraine & Emergency & Family Medicin

Dr. Sabina Sedhai

MBBS, China & General Medicine (Lecturer)

Dr. Ganesh Kumar Rai

MBBS, MD & Child Specialist

Dr. Rabindra K.C

MBBS, Nepal & General Surgeon

Dr. Nirajan Subedi

MBBS, MS (kathmandu University, B & B Hopsital, Manmohan Hospital & Orthopedics
Dr. Manor Din Shaiyed

Dr. Manor Din Shaiyed

MBBS, MD & Obstetrics & Gynecologist

Dr. Umakanta Bhattarai

MBBS, MD & Obstetrics & Gynecologist
Dr. Bishal Khaniya

Dr. Bishal Khaniya

MBBS, MD & Obstetrics & Gynecologist
Dr. Dibit Adhikari

Dr. Dibit Adhikari

MBBS, MD & ENT & Head Neck Surgery

Dr. Sujan Sayami

MBBS, MD & Pediatrician

Dr. Prabha Mainali

MBBS, China & Pediatric
Dr. Roshan Shrestha

Dr. Roshan Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Internal Medicine
Dr. Roshan Shrestha

Dr. Roshan Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Internal Medicine

Dr. Yogendra Bista

MBBS, Bangladesh & Radiologist

Dr. Rukesh Man Shakya

MBBS, Nepal & Radiologist

Dr. Prashanta Paudel

MBBS, India & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Sami Manandhar

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Suraj Lamichhane

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Bishnu Poudel

MBBS, Nepal & Oncologist

Dr. Neha Singh

& Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Dr. Khem Raj Bhusal

MBBS, MD & General Medicine

Dr. Milan Shakya

MBBS, MD & General Physician

Dr. Muza Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & General Surgeron
Prof. Dr. Guna Kumar Shrestha

Prof. Dr. Guna Kumar Shrestha

MBBS, MD/MS (Japan), FICS & Senior Consultant Urologist

Dr. Tej Prakash Dawadi

MD & Orthopaedic
Dr. Rabindra Prasad Sharma

Dr. Rabindra Prasad Sharma

MBBS, Nepal & Dermatologist & Venerologist

Dr. Neetu Singh Shrestha

MBBS, MS & Obstetrics and Gynecologist

Prof. Dr. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary

MBBS, MD & General Medicine

Dr. Shyamendra Bahadur Singh (Varma)

MBBS, MD & Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist ( Head of Dept )
Dr. Uspal Bahadur Bajracharya

Dr. Uspal Bahadur Bajracharya

MBBS, Nepal & Uro Surgeon

Dr. Sundar Maharjan

MBBS, Nepal & General Surgeon

Dr. Surendra Shakya

MD, Russian Federation & Consultant Emergency & Family Medicine

Dr. Rashmi Thapa

MBBS, China, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sceinces. & Consultant Emergency & Family Medicine
Dr. Meenu Suwal

Dr. Meenu Suwal

MBBS, MD & Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Nagendra Prasad Shah

MBBS, Pakistan & Consultant ENT

Dr. Neeta Shakya Malla

MBBS, Nepal & ENT

Dr. Bulanda Thapa

MD, Russian Federation & Orthopedic

Dr. Niraj Man Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Orthopedic

Dr. Sushil Sharma

MBBS, Nepal & Orthopedic

Prof. Dr. Shambhu Kumar Pahari

MBBS, Russian Federation & General Physician/Medicine

Dr. Dipak Paudel

MBBS, Nepal & General Medicine

Dr. Pushkar Pudasaini

MBBS, Nepal & Orthopedic

Dr. Bikendra Raj Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesia

Dr. Eroj Manandhar

MBBS, China & Anesthesia

Dr. Nipun Raghubanshi

MBBS, Nepal & Radiologist

Dr. Shruti Lal Das

BDS, Nepal & Dentist

Dr. Basista Prasad Rijal

MBBS, Nepal & Pathologist

Dr. Deliya Paudel

MBBS, Bangladesh & Pathologist
Dr. Ram Chandra Adhikari

Dr. Ram Chandra Adhikari

MD, Uzbekistan & Consultant Pathologist
Dr. Naresh Parajuli

Dr. Naresh Parajuli