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Kanti Children’s Hospital
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu


Kanti Children's Hospital (Kanti Baal Aspatal) is a pediatric hospital in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal. The hospital is administered and regulated by the Kanti Children's Hospital Development Board, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal.

The hospital treats children from all over the country and other hospitals. It has a capacity of 350 beds. There are 36 pediatricians, 8 pediatric surgeons, 45 medical officers, 84 general nurses, 25 technicians and paramedics and 107 support staff. The hospital also runs a Post Graduate Degree class with accreditation from National Academy of Medical Education and Sciences (NAMS), Nepal.


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Dr. S.P. Adhikari

& Radiology

Dr. Tirtha Raj Burlakoti

MBBS, Bangladesh & Radiology

Dr. Neesha Shrestha

BDS, Nepal & Dentist

Dr. Anarkali Shrestha

& Dental Surgeon

Dr. Najala Khatun

MBBS, MD (Pakisthan) & Pediatrician

Prof. Dr. Fakir Chandra Gami

Professor of Paediatrics in TU Teaching Hospital & Senior Consultant Paediatrics

Dr. Krishna Prasad Bista

MD, Russian Federation & Chief Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Ram Man Shrestha

MBBS, China & Chief Consultant Paediatrician

Dr. Pragya Sherchan

Graduate Diplomas, MD Residents from PGMECC, NAMS and IOM-TUTH & Paediatric Anaesthesia

Dr. Sangeeta Shrestha

Graduate Diplomas, MD Residents from PGMECC, NAMS and IOM-TUTH & Paediatric Anaesthesia

Dr. Ramana Rajkarnikar

& Medical officer

Dr. Puskar Upadhyay Pokharel

MD, Russian Federation & Medical officer

Dr. Bijay Thapa

MD, Kyrgyzstan & Pedictrics Surgeon

Dr. Madhu Sudhan Pun

MBBS, Nepal & Consultant Paediatric Surgeon

Dr. Reshma Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Anupama Thapa

MBBS, MS & Paediatrics Surgeon
Dr. Purushottam Adhikari

Dr. Purushottam Adhikari

MBBS & Medical Officer
Dr. Kamal Prasad Thani

Dr. Kamal Prasad Thani

MBBS, Nepal & mbbs
Dr. Gunjan Dhonju

Dr. Gunjan Dhonju

MBBS, Nepal & Post Doctoral Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, MD Psychiatry
Dr. Susan Bhattarai

Dr. Susan Bhattarai

MBBS,MD (NAMS), & Registrar Paediatric
Dr. Sujit Kumar Jha

Dr. Sujit Kumar Jha

MD Radiology and Imaging (IOM, TUTH) & Radiologist
Dr. Anuj Kayestha

Dr. Anuj Kayestha

MBBS, Nepal & General Surgery
Dr. Sudhir Sapkota

Dr. Sudhir Sapkota

MBBS, MD Pediatrics, Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplant & Pediatric hematology Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplant

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