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Kanti Path, Kathmandu Nepal


Bir Hospital is the oldest hospital of Nepal. This hospital was established in 1947 BS, under the name of contemporary Prime Minister Bir Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana. Today it has a proud history of 125 years and the first hospital of Nepal wherethe practice of modern medicinecommenced.

Currently the hospital consists of 535 beds and it provides medical and surgical treatment to all people.Many people from rural areas come here to get free treatment.The facilities available here are nephrologic services,disaster response,surgery,burn and plastic surgery and dental department.

  • Beds in ICU:- 6 | Beds in Emergency:- 22 | Beds in General:- 195
  • Established Date - N/A
  • Phone - 01-4221988, 01-4221119
  • Fax - N/A
  • Email - N/A
  • Website -


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Dr. Sarita Pradhan (Joshi)

MD, Russian Federation & Senior Consultant Dental Sergeon

Dr. Nhuchhe Man Singh Dongol

MBBS, Nepal & Senior Consultant Medical Generalist

Dr. Shubhash Regmi

MBBS, MD & Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr. Dr. Aarati Saha Khanal

MBBS, MD & Consultant Radiotherpist

Dr. Asha Thapa

BDS,MDS & Consoultant Dental-Surgeon

Dr. Prem Bahdur Khadka

MBBS, MD & Consultant Medical Generalist

Dr. Suresh Prasad Nepal

MDGP & Family Physician

Dr. Sushil Kumar Shakya

MBBS,MD & General Physician
Dr. Dipendra Gautam

Dr. Dipendra Gautam

MBBS,MS & Senior consultant ENT Surgeon

Dr. Prakash Raj Regmi

Dhobighat , Lalitpur, & Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Shingh

MBBS, India & ENT
Dr. Jayendra Pradhananga

Dr. Jayendra Pradhananga

MD, Russian Federation & CLINICIAN (ENT)

Dr. Kanchan Gautam

Kathmandu, & ENT

Dr. Laxman Man Shrestha


Dr. Prakash Bahadur Thapa

MBBS, Nepal & ENT

Dr. Birendra Jha

MBBS, Bangladesh & ENT

Dr. Abhilasha Khanal

BDS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav

BDS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon
Dr. Ashish Timilsina

Dr. Ashish Timilsina

BDS, (UCMS, Nepal) & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Dhurba Chandra Paudel

MBBS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Ishfa Banu Haque

BDS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon
Dr. Kishor Bhandari

Dr. Kishor Bhandari

BDS, MDS & Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Manisha Shrestha

BDS, India & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Dr. Mukunda Raj Regmi

BDS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Rebika Malla

MBBS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon
Dr. Sanjay Sah

Dr. Sanjay Sah

MDS & Prosthodontics & Oral Implantology

Dr. Sitashi Poudyal Sharma

BDS, Nepal & Dental Surgeon

Dr. Dr. Kanchan Prasad Adhikari

& Senior Medical Physicist

Dr. Subodh Kumar Adhikari

MBBS, India & Chief Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology

Prof. Dr. Bhaskar Mohan Kayastha

MBBS, MD & Senior Consultant Dermatologist & Venerologist

Dr. Saroj Sharma

Khaireni Tar , Tanahu, & Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Shri Krishna Giri

MBBS, Nepal & Professor/Senior Consltant Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Sita Ram Chaudhary

MBBS, India & Chief Consultant Physician

Dr. Lakshman Prasad Tibrewala

MBBS, India & Chief Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Dhundi Raj Paudel

MBBS, & Chief Consultant ENT Surgeon

Dr. Dr. Saili Pradhan

& Chief Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Resham Bahadur Rana

MBBS, Nepal & Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist
Dr. Anil Shrestha

Dr. Anil Shrestha

MBBS, MS, MCh(Urology) & Urology and Kidney Transplant Surgery
Dr. Pramod Kumar Yadav

Dr. Pramod Kumar Yadav

MBBS, MS & Consultant General Sergeon

Dr. Kishor Manandhar

MD, Philippines & Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Laila Lama Tangbetani (Bista)

MBBS, Nepal & Consultant Dermatology

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pratibha Bista

MBBS, Pakistan & Consultant Pathologist

Dr. Raj Kishor Jaiswal

MBBS, India & Senior Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Jyotshana Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & Senior Medical Technologist

Dr. Dr. Subhesh Raj Kayastha

& Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra

MBBS, India & Physicians & Liver

Dr. Surendra Lal Shrestha

MBBS, MD & Internal Medicine

Dr. Manil Ratna Bajracharya

MBBS, China & Endocrinology
Dr. Alark Devkota Rajouria

Dr. Alark Devkota Rajouria

MBBS, MD Internal Medicine, DM Diabetes And Endocrinologist & Consultant Endocrinologist

Dr. Ishwor Nath Shrestha

MD, Romania & Gastrology

Dr. Krishna Prasad Adhikari

MBBS, Bangladesh & Cardiology
Dr. Harihar Khanal

Dr. Harihar Khanal

MBBS, Nepal & MBBS

Dr. Ritesh Lamsal

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesia

Dr. Shankar Thakur

MBBS, China & Anesthesia

Dr. Pradip Raj Vaidya

MD, Russian Federation & Anesthesia

Dr. Mona Rajbhandari

MD, Philippines & Anesthesia

Dr. Bindu Laxmi Shah

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesia

Dr. Sandhya Chapagai

MBBS, Nepal & Oncology

Dr. Sunil Ram Koirala

MBBS, Bangladesh & Neuro surgery

Dr. Jainendra Chaudhary

MBBS, Nepal & General Surgeron

Dr. Pashupati Babu Pokharel

MBBS, China & Plastic Sugery

Dr. Rushma Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & Dermatology

Dr. Subaj Bhattarai

MBBS, India & Radiologist

Dr. Laxman Kunwar

MD, Russian Federation & Radiology

Dr. Joon Kumar Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Radiology

Dr. Hari Om Joshi

MBBS, Nepal & Radiology

Dr. Sagar Maharjan

MBBS, Nepal & Radiology

Dr. Gyanendra Shah

MD, Russian Federation & Orthopaedic OPD

Dr. Piyush Giri

MBBS, Nepal & Orthopaedic

Dr. Susmita Sharma

MD Medical Oncology, & Medical Oncology

Dr. Ujjwal Karki

MBBS, Nepal & Neuro surgery

Dr. Asmita Upadhyay

MBBS, Nepal & Neuro surgery

Dr. Alina Singh

MBBS, Nepal & Neuro surgery
Dr. Udita Mishra

Dr. Udita Mishra

MBBS, MS & General Surgery
Dr. Robin Bahadur Basnet

Dr. Robin Bahadur Basnet

MBBS (K.U.), MS (NAMS), & General and Iaparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Rakesh Roshan Sthapit

MD, Ukraine & Surgery

Dr. Komal Bahadur Gurung

MBBS, Nepal & Surgery

Dr. Baikuntha Adhikari

MBBS, Nepal & Psychiatry

Dr. Anira Vaidya

MD, Russian Federation & Surgery

Dr. Rewati Ramanjee Malla

MBBS, MD, & Consultant Physician, Cardialogist & Diabetologist

Dr. Ranjit Kumar Jha

MBBS, Bangladesh & Diabities and Thyroid Specilist

Dr. Niyanta Devi Karki

MD, Russian Federation & General Medicine

Dr. Dr. Manoj Shah

& General Medicine

Dr. Khem Raj Adhikari

MBBS, Nepal & General Medicine
Dr. Kamal Raj Thapa

Dr. Kamal Raj Thapa

MBBS (BPKIHS), MD (NAMS) & General Physician

Dr. Jiwan Thapa

MBBS, Nepal & General Physician

Dr. Bikash Jaishi

MBBS, Nepal & General Medicine
Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Basnet

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Basnet

MBBS, Bangladesh & General Medicine

Dr. Ananta Bhakta Uprety

MBBS, Bangladesh & General Medicine

Dr. Amal Basnet

MBBS, Bangladesh & General Medicine

Dr. Hensan Khadka

MBBS & Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Laxman Mandal

MBBS, MD & Internal Medicine ,Senior Consultant Physician
Dr. Bibek Acharya

Dr. Bibek Acharya

MD & Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Dibya Purush Dhakal

& Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Neesha Shrestha

BDS, Nepal & Dentist
Prof. Dr. Anupama Karki Kunwar

Prof. Dr. Anupama Karki Kunwar

MBBS, Bangladesh MD, NAMS & Senior Consultant Dermatologist and Venerologist/Cosmetologist and Laser Surgeon

Dr. Indra Kumar Jha


Dr. Ram Kihor Sah


Dr. Dinesh Shrestha

MBBS,M.D Gastroenterology & Gastroenterologist

Dr. Ramila Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & Gastro-enterologist

Dr. Manen Prasad Gorkhaly

MBBS, MD & Neurosurgeon

Prof. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Agrawal

MBBS, MD(Nephrology) & Nephrologist
Dr. Rajiv Kumar Jha

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Jha

MD, MS, Mch & Neurosurgeon
Dr. Ambuj Karn

Dr. Ambuj Karn

MD (Radiation Oncology) & Radiation Oncologist
Asst. Prof. Dr. Prakash Bista

Asst. Prof. Dr. Prakash Bista

MBBS, India & Consultant Neuro Surgeon

Dr. Dipendra Shrestha

MD, Russian Federation & ENT Surgeon

Dr. Lal Kishor Yadav


Dr. Amina Shrestha

MD & Neurology

Dr. Ravi Ram Shrestha

MBBS, Nepal & Anesthesia
Dr. Vibek  	 Singh

Dr. Vibek Singh

MBBS, MS & General Surgeon
Dr. Anil Baral

Dr. Anil Baral

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) & Consultant Physician & Nephrologist

Dr. Dipak Malla

MBBS, MD Internal Medicine (General Physician) & Internal Medicine & Diabetic and Endracrinologist

Dr. Ajit Khanal

MBBS,MDC(Int. Medicine), DM( Gastroenterology) & Gastrologist & General Physician
Prof. Dr. Sudhamshu K.C

Prof. Dr. Sudhamshu K.C

MBBS (Dhaka University), PhD (Chiba University) & Hepatobilliary
Dr. Anil Chakradhar

Dr. Anil Chakradhar

BDS, Bangladesh & Consultant Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Shishir Dahal

MD, Russian Federation & Radiolgist

Dr. Ranga Bahadur Basnet

MBBS, Nepal & Pathology
Prof. Dr. Bidhan Nidhi Poudel

Prof. Dr. Bidhan Nidhi Poudel

MBBS, MD, ICDHC & Gastroenterology & Hepatology (senior consultant physician)

Dr. Ghanashyam Thapa

MBBS, MS (NAMS) & General Surgeon
Dr. Pabitra Limbu

Dr. Pabitra Limbu

MBBS, MS (ENT-HNS) & Consultant, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)- Head and Neck surgeon

Dr. Anuj Jung Karki

MBBS, MD & Anesthesiologist

Dr. Bikash Adhikari

(MBBS, MD) & Radiologist
Dr. Dinesh Chapagain

Dr. Dinesh Chapagain

MBBS, MS & Cardiologist & Nephrologist

Dr. Budda Bahadur Karki Karki

DM & Diabeties, Thyroid & Endocrinology
Dr. Robin Bahadur Basnet

Dr. Robin Bahadur Basnet

MBBS, MS, MCh & General Surgery / Urology

Dr. Tridip Pantha

MS (ENT and Head & Neck Surgery) BPKIHS. MBBS (USTC, Bangladesh) & ENT Surgeon
Dr. KP Regmi

Dr. KP Regmi

BDS,MDS & Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Prakash Bhattarai

MBBS, Nepal &
Dr. Roshan Khatiwada

Dr. Roshan Khatiwada

MCh. Neurosurgery ( NAMS) & Neurosurgery
Dr. Saroj Rai

Dr. Saroj Rai

MBBS, MS (Ortho), Fellowship-Arthroscopy Sports Medicine, PhD (Orthopedics & Sports Medicine) & Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Dr. Biken Shrestha

Dr. Biken Shrestha

BDS, MDS, PhD & Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Dr. Ghanshyam Kharel

Dr. Ghanshyam Kharel

DM, Neurology (IOM, Teaching Hospital, Nepal) & Neurologist
Dr. Pradip Bhandari

Dr. Pradip Bhandari

MD Radiation Oncology, Bir Hospital & Clinical Oncologist
Dr. Hari Har Khanal

Dr. Hari Har Khanal

MD, Russian Federation & Cardiologist
Dr. Manish Bajracharya

Dr. Manish Bajracharya

BDS (BPKIHS) . MDS Orthodontics (NAMS, Bir Hopsital) & Consultant Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Dr. Pratap Sagar Tiwari

Dr. Pratap Sagar Tiwari

MD, Internal Medicine, Nepalgunj Medical College, Kathmandu University. DM Hepatologyy, NAMS, Bir Hospital & Internal Medicine , DM Hepatology
Dr. Anuj Kayestha

Dr. Anuj Kayestha

MBBS, Nepal & General Surgery
Dr. Sharad Pokhrel

Dr. Sharad Pokhrel

MBBS (BPKIHS), MS (General Surgery ) TU-IOM, M Ch (Surgical Gastroenterology - NAMS, BIR HOSPITAL) & Surgical Gastroenterology


The hospital is located at the heart of Kathmandu valley. My mother's tumor was operated at this hospital. The hospital staffs were very helpful and the treatment is very effective. I had to stay for around 1 month time in the hospital. The cabin facility is very nice. I highly recommend this hospital for the treatment.