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B.G Hospital is specialized at: Diagnosis and treatment of psychological and psychiatric disorders; including care of elderly and neuro patients. Long Term Rehabilitation of Chronic Patients OPD and inpatient service at reasonable resources Affiliated to Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Society (ARDS)-Nepal (अल्जाइमर विस्मृति समाज नेपाल) we are dedicated to care of patients with Memory Impairment. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Modified ECT Epilepsy Clinic and 24 Hours Video EEG BG Memory Clinic-Free on 3rd Saturdays of Nepalese Month Headache Clinic with Neurological attachment Alcohol and Drugs Detoxification with Intensive Care Residential as well as Day Care Services Therapy and Counseling by Expert Teams Child Guidance Clinic Recreational Rooms Various screening test Workshop and Training Research and Publications


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Dr. Pujan Sharma Lamichhane

MD, MBBS ( Daghestan State Medical Academy) & Radiologist

Dr. Rajan Sharma

MBBS, India & Neuro-Psychiatrist

Dr. Dev Kumar Thapa

MBBS (Bangladesh ), MD ( BPKIHS ) & Neuropsychiatrist

Dr. Nirmal Lamichhane

MBBS, MD & Consultant and Chief of Urologist

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